“Redefine Mediterranean”

In the kitchen of Troy where everything is made from scratch, we believe that “food is a common ground for all of us, a universal experience.” That’s why at Troy, we do our best to give you a unique taste of your Mediterranean experience.


Founder Mehmet Davarci’s passion for Turkish/Mediterranean cuisine comes from the heartfelt, homely experience he had during his childhood in Turkey’s southern city of Adana, where he also met his wife, Gungor Davarci, who also has a passion for food that comes from her family’s elders’ recipes. Using these traditional recipes, they moved to Austin in 2014 to open a cozy Turkish/Mediterranean family restaurant and to start Troy.

Since the inception of Troy in 2014, we take extraordinary pride in saying that we have been family owned and operated. In 2017, we have been joined by an amazing Chef Joseph Bulbuloglu, whose creative and innovative take on traditional Mediterranean Cuisine takes Troy to a whole new level. Whether it is a quick dinner for one, small dinner for two, or a large gathering of family and friends, Troy will always be there for you.