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Turkishco ee served at Troy, and the Davarci family, Troy’s founding owners, will gladly show you how. Since 2014 Northwest Hills has been home to this Turkish restaurant tucked in the northeast corner at Mesa and Spicewood Springs Road.
Drawn by the educational opportunities o ered for their sons, Mehmet Nuri Davarci and his wife, Gungor, emigrated from Turkey to Austin. Mehmet brought his experience working with relatives in a restaurant in Adana, Turkey (also the location of a major U.S. military base). Gungor brought her culinary expertise. Orhun, their youngest son who attended Anderson High School and now attends U.T. in a biomedical program, assisted in the family business. ey landed in Northwest Hills because it’s a safe location and one close to both residential and commercial areas. eir dream was to introduce our community to Mediterranean cuisine. Now, with recent kitchen remodeling, menu expansion, and more family members serving as sta , their dream is actualized.
Dining at Troy is like being welcomed into the Davarci’s cozy home,decoratedwithfamilycollectiblesandTurkishart.ATurkish
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West 38th St. Suite 101
version of “mi casa su casa.” Whether you are new to the savory spicesand avorsofTurkishdishesandwanttoaskquestionsabout them, or whether you are already a regular customer who wants a quiet place to eat and work on a laptop mid-afternoon, Troy exudes a comfortable familial ambiance.
Cumin, cinnamon, pepper pastes, yogurt sauces, coriander, allspice, mint, garlic appear in both vegetarian entrees and Halal meat dishes. e spices carry a complexity that suggests Southwestern cuisine. And the atbread melts in your mouth.
A long community table extends the length of the restaurant, the longest I’ve ever seen – perfect for the U.T. Turkish professor who brings her class to Troy to experience native cooking. Others celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and special events with attendees lling the community space. BYOB is also an option.
During my interview with the family, Gungor insisted I taste her stu ed eggplant – a new menu specialty item. In no time I had devoured the entire dish. It was absolutely yummy. But their baklava! Without a doubt, the best I have ever had, with a light crunchy pastry melting into a nut and honey-laced “food for the gods.” By the way, a large baklava to-go order was a perfect treat at a Middle Eastern baby shower for a refugee family.
e Davarci’s love for Austin is re ected in their desire to share the avors of their homeland. Troy gives locals a taste from the other side of the world, without having to travel beyond the borders of Northweest Hills. Plus, it is cheaper than a Mediterranean cruise.
Hours: 10 AM- 9:30 PM weekdays (closed Mon.); noon to 9:30 PM weekends; 8105 Mesa Drive; 512-897-2860

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